avoiding ableism on social media

cw = content warning
tw = trigger warning
/j = joking
/hj = half-joking
/ij = inside joke
/s = sarcasm
/srs = serious
/p = platonic
/gen = genuine
/r = romantic
/lh = lighthearted
/neg = negative connotation
/pos = positive connotation
/c = copypasta
/q = quote / lyrics
/cb = clickbait
/nbh = nobody here/not about anyone here
/nrm = not really mad

do not use cw and tw interchangeably!

this carrd is a compilation of my own needs as a neurodivergent person but also those of other disabled people- if there is anything you would like added please send to this curiouscat

edited weekly | please don’t use this as your only resource! this is just the start!

how to use tone tags

general things to avoid

eating disorders + drug use

information + resources

please avoid discussing triggering content unless needed; if you feel like you need to use a trigger warning please consider not posting it instead- trigger warnings work to both help people avoid triggers but can aid people in seeking out content. the warnings discussed throughout should only be used if the topic is unavoidable.

loud noises - gunshots/distorted sounds etc.

what to do
tw / gunshotscw loud noises
what not to do
cw g*nshotsreply to the tweet instead of including the cw in the tweet itself

screaming/shouting - aggressive meme videos/tiktoks

what to do
[video] /s or /javoid using these kinds of videos!
what not to do
[video] (especially as a reply untagged)[meme to do with harm/threat] untagged

layered noises/music - for example those memes that play 3+ songs at once

what to do
tag them! as either noisy or something similar mention that it's 'not safe for headphone users' [this is widely used for loud noises and so is easy to understand]

add subtitles/transcripts - if you post a video caption it with what is said

what to do
subtitle videos! add audio description/alternative descriptions to your images if you can please transcribe videos or interviews on the timeline! even if it’s not yours!
what not to do
caption videos with emojis/a lack of accurate information (e.g omg this dog swimming is so cute implies the video is of a dog swimming)PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO TRIGGER WARN if you do so, you could cause people to repost triggering content

if I have missed something or you’d like me to amend something just send it to curiouscat

lack of subtitles/transcripts/audio descriptions - if you're sharing something important and you can subtitle it OR link a transcript!

also be privy of what fonts to use particularly due to the fact “fancy fonts” cannot be read by screen readers

flashing lights - fast paced editing/paparazzi videos/concert videos with flashing lights

what to do
cw flashing lightscw flashing imageryif it's a linked video or fancam - tweeting a warning wouldn't go amiss!
what not to do
reply fancams with flashing lights to people's tweets if you're unsure if it's safenot tagging due to aestheticsreplying tags to tweets [a lot of us have autoplay on - by the time we have scrolled to the replies it's a bit too late!]

violence or threatening memes - those 'POV you're' tiktoks where they 'beat up the phone' etc.

what to do
cw violence

what not to do
share these untagged/ with strangers

if I have missed something or you’d like me to amend something just send it to curiouscat and I’ll have it added/fixed within the day!

tweets, phrases and typed formats to avoid!

cry typing/shaking typing- 'imsh akinf' 'im cryn g s o hard' etc. - can be taken literally and cause panic

what to do
'___' /j or /sif you're drunk or high if you cw drunk or tweet that you're drunk/high
what not to do
'im shakin f so hard right niw' [untagged]avoid 'im so upset rn' over trivial things without context

mistyping words - for example 'uwu/owo' typing/using acronyms/abbreviations of words , typing “L1K3 TH15”

what to do
avoid mistyping!if you use an acronym just tag what it stands for below
E.G I love atla atla = avatar: the last airbender

screen readers struggle to read tweets that are mistyped

fake subtitles/fake captions/fake statements - avoid lying if you can! so fake subtitles especially if it's a language that's not english, fake captions for photos etc.

what to do
avoid mistranslations/spreading mistranslationsif you rt fake subs etc if you tag them as /j or /s fake statements such as 'im deactivating' 'closed' etc. avoid unless you tag it!
what not to do
share mistranslationsshare 'dm/follow to find out what ___ is about' for promotional reasons

fake tw and cw - cw heterosexuality/tw celebrity name (for no reason)

what to do
tw/cw triggering content, phobias!
what not to do
tw unless the content is triggeringcw unless the content is uncomfy/worryingavoid tw/cw as a whole!

copypastas/this is _phobic jokes- the [idol name] has done something disgusting - biggest heart copypasta, warning copypastas, this is -phobic, this is racist copypastas if it isn't actually racist/homophobic etc

what to do
avoid copypastas! or tag as /cavoid this is -phobic jokes, this is [name]phobic or [fandom]phobic jokes are fine as long as you tag them as '/j or /s if you're directly replying to someone
what not to do
quote tweets with 'this is transphobic/homophobic/racist' when they're notquote/reply with slurs to tweets if the person you're talking to expresses discomfort call celebrities/people homophobic etc without tagging as /s or /j [although I find this one more clear in context but sometimes i can misunderstand and panic!]

jokes about harm/tweets about harmful situations - e.g 'I'm dying', 'i'm not your friend anymore/i hate you' , 'you're in this dangerous situation' what would you do

what to do
tag as /j avoid using buzzwords to do with harm avoid tweeting about morbid situations/threats

if I have missed something or you’d like me to amend something just send it to my curiouscat and I’ll have it added/fixed within the day!

general guide on how you can help!

avoid making fun of mocking people's phrasings/wordings - if something is articulate, or how someone refers to someone avoid pointing this out this doesn't count for harmful miswording and misinformation PLEASE call this out and make sure it's clear

avoid mocking neopronouns - if someone uses neopronouns please respect them!

avoid mocking peoples intellect/using language such as ‘childish’

avoid using threats/insults especially without tags

avoid mocking delusions/repetitive behaviours/physical symptoms of neurodivergency - these can include repetitive speech, excessive typos, fast talking, anything noticeable

ask for consent/respect boundaries - please ask for consent before you repost tweets/screenshot messages/videos etc. some people are comfortable, others are not

do not share people’s pictures/priv tweets if they’ve explicitly stated they are uncomfortable with it

please if something is untagged or you see something that could be triggering; TAG IT - if you can please tag it or ask the person to delete if it's harmful! it means more than you think!

using ableist language

what to do
avoid using this language at all costs if someone uses this language please call them out or ask them to delete the tweets!

using ‘fancy fonts’ or copy and pasted fonts - these cannot be read by screenreaders! and therefore makes your content inaccessible to people who rely on screenreaders

what to do
write important information clearly avoid using fancyfont generator or substituting letters for emojis

jokes about addiction/mental illness- replying mental illness to bigoted tweets/using the term crackhead/saying “im addicted to this -“ or demonising addiction

what to do
avoid using words such as “crackhead” or anti-addict sentiment tag ableism and ableist language!

mocking speech impediments/stutters/ticks - laughing if people stutter in speeches, reposting content in which how someone speaks is mocked etc

what to do
tag ableism avoid reposting content in which people are mocked for having slow or slurred speech !
what not to do
stutter text!! mock lisps etc in your texts (kiss-> kith)

if I have missed something or you’d like me to amend something just send it to my curiouscat and I’ll have it added/fixed within the day!

a guide to tagging eating disorders and addiction

i have included these on this carrd since the impacts of both eds and addiction can be mentally and physically straining and the stigma surrounding both/lack of knowledge can be harmful

eating disorders
this includes anorexia, bulimia, unspecified disordered eating, binge eating as well as habits that may develop into an eating disorder- it’s also important to note that discourse surrounding body image may be a trigger so check with your followers on whether they’d like that tagged!
note: do not tag all mentions of food/food pictures as it can have help with restricton []do tag mentions of binging, pictures of large meals, mukbangs, restrictive eating habits - for example tweeting about only having a coffee all day etc. [] unless a follower has specifically requested it!
what to tag
calorie countingdiets binge eating check your mutuals personal triggers!
the “skinny” and “fat” memes - for example “ur ratio is skinny” “delete it fat”
how to tag

-do not tw
cw food mention [specific food/mukbang/restrict eating/binging/disordered eating]cw weight loss mentions/body image and weight discourse

addiction is something that can be extremely physically and mentally straining - there’s also prescription drugs that aid mental health issues that people are susceptible to becoming addicted to. I recommend checking with your followers if they want specific drugs tagged!
specifically alcoholism and drug addiction please cw mentions of drug use or alcohol use tag videos of people drinking excessively or using drugs do not use the term crack/crackhead
for example
cw drug useput drunk/high/content warnings in your display name if you’re drunk etc. it makes it easier to avoid the tl/mute people but also can help autistic people understand the situation if you are mistyping!

if I have missed something or you’d like me to amend something just send it to my curiouscat and I’ll have it added/fixed within the day!





de root ableism

end ableism

tone tags

Accompanying Blog

please encourage discussion surrounding ableism online - avoid separating in/visible disabilities within your discussions and uplift disabled voices when it comes to criticising the media industry/social media for its lack of representation and accessibility.

these are only a few that I'm aware of! if there is something missing please send it to my curiouscat

How To: Tone Tags

only use if the statement could be taken seriously- if you want it to be taken as a joke

use when you’re being sarcastic/ironic

use when the statement is serious but could be taken otherwise- not to be used on news events etc.

/neg + /pos
use to clarify if your statement could be taken otherwise - do not use with compliments, clear insults etc.

/g + /gen
only use if your question or statement could not be taken genuinely or could be seen as joking

/nbh + /nrm
only use when it is someone who doesn’t follow you / only use /nrm if what you’re saying could come across as angry

these are only a few that I'm aware of! if there is something missing please send it to my curiouscat